Crocutta, unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

To celebrate our great kingdom, and the exuberant nature of its inhabitants, the Stronghold of Greyfells is pleased to announce "Making MAYhem: A Historically Adequate A&S Event." There will be 13 different non-traditional categories, where imagination, creativity, and fun are as important as technique and construction. The categories are: 

  1. Anniversary
  2. Fire 
  3. Feet/feat 
  4. Numbers 
  5. Ouch 
  6. Loud noises 
  7. Head 
  8. Fish 
  9. Why??? 
  10. Virtue or Vice 
  11. Meat/Meet 
  12. Cats! 
  13. I like it
So, for the category 'Fish' entrants could enter a hood embroidered with a fish, a recipe, an ode to a trout, a fishing rod, and so on. Entrants may enter as many categories as they wish.

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